Buí E​.​P.

by Uaigneas

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This is the debut release of Gaelic Doom Metal Band "Uaigneas". It contains four tracks which have been inspired by "Buí" the godess of the Beara peninsula in South West Ireland and the imagery and landscapes associated with her.


released September 21, 2011

1.Buí (Instrumental)
2.An Cailleach 'gus an Bard Bocht
3.An Raibh Tú ar an gCarraig (Trad. Arr.)
4.Onslaught of Storms

Music on 1,2 and 4 by Ó Bogail
3. arranged by Ó Bogail with exception of the middle passage which was written by Ó Bogail.

Lyrics on 2 and 4 written by Ó Bogail
Lyrics on 3 are traditional except for the middle passage which was written by Ó Bogail with additional translations by Muiris Ó Fiannachta.

Recorded: Deasmhumhan Studios 2010
Mixed and Mastered: Anders Bomberg
Artwork: Photographs by Tommy Buggle.
Concept and Layout by Ó Bogail



all rights reserved


Uaigneas Munster, Ireland

Uaigneas is a Gaelic Doom Metal band from Ireland which started in and around 1995. In 1998 it morphed into Mael Mórdha. In 2003 as Mael Mórdha's musical direction became more what it is today, Uaigneas began writing music more in keeping with the early Mael Mórdha/Uaigneas material.

The music has it's roots in early ninties Doom/Death metal and Gaelic Irish Music (Sean Nós and Irish Medieval)
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Track Name: Buí
Track Name: An Cailleach 'gus an Bard Bocht
Once I was graceful to the eyes of the Prince and Pauper.
To Me did They give sacrifice
During times of plenty and of strife.

And so it was since I bore the name of Ana,
Banba, Fodhla and Éiriú
Which you may know Me for it did last the longest.

Ochone since the Gall did come
And take away my Prince,Warrior and the Poor
Did I turn from Cail to Cailleach.

And with My place in this land all but assured
As My Bards and Poets no longer sing My praises
Cailleach Hag of Beara seems eternally My Name.

Petrified You are.
In this Land scarce of soil.
Where waves wash against the soles of Your feet
How sad it is that You were once clothed in riches.
Ohh Hag of Beara, now clad in rags.
Your spouses vanished, followers gone
Bards all finished save one,
And he remembers and he sings for his wretched Queen.
Track Name: An Raibh tú ar an gCarraig
An raibh tú ar an gCarraig
Nó an bhfaca tú féin mo ghrá,
Nó an bhfaca tú gile agus finne agus scéimh na mná,
Nó an bhfaca tú an t-úll ba chumhra is ba mhilse bláth,
Nó an bhfaca tú mo vaillintín nó an bhfuil sí á cloí mar 'táim ?

Ní carraig í, ach bean bealtais blásta
I rith na mílaoise - na mílte féastaí
Caite ina haonair - an Bean ón Bhéara
Bandia ab ea í, is ea í, agus a bheidh inti
Ón fainne ama go dtí an deireadh
Buí Bhéara
Deirtear gur iompaigh sí ina carraig
Tar eis Chionn tSáile
Nuair a d'imigh an rí Domhnall Cam thar sáile.

Do bhíos-sa ar an gCarraig
Is do chonaic mé féin do ghrá,
Do chonaic mé gile agus finne agus scéimh na mná,
Do chonaic mé an t-úll ba chumhra is ba mhilse bláth,
Do chonaic mé do vaillintín agus níl sí á cloí mar 'táir ?
Track Name: Onslaught of Storms
The wind did howl between the land and the island
A wind so strong that none were left standing.
Dolphins five struggled against the current
While the waves crashed angry against the broken cliff.

Steadfast and silent did lay the isle of Buí
For a millennium or more fast asleep
Lulled that way by the sound of the saint's bell
Its rhythm now lessening in the Onslaught of Storms

Past the stone standing overseeing the harbour
Under the stare of the cat at the church
Stands She petrified gazing o'er the ocean
'Till that day when the bell silent herald Her reign.

So many name on the graves silent.
So many rulers who did know her well.
So many faces that She did remember,
Who lie at her feet in the stony grey clay

A curse on this land who has left Me unlovéd
And shrouded here lonely staring at the sea
Where My subjects be dolphins of the realms of the ocean
Who swim in My teardrops, My sole legacy.